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Reaction to Treatment

Some people feel cold, hungry, weak or thirsty after a treatment. This can be considered as normal, as the colon has done a lot of work in a short period of time. If you feel weak afterward, try having a cup of electrolyte solution or herbal tea with honey to increase blood sugar and supply minerals.

If hungry, have a warm vegetable soup, some steamed veggies, an avocado or freshly pressed vegetable juice.

Avoid too much roughage the first day, as this may cause bloating.

The regular pattern of bowel function may be interrupted and may even cease for one day or two. However regular bowel habits will return once peristalsis is re-established, the movement of food/chime in the digestive tract.

You may help this condition, by eating some soaked dried figs or prunes or in the summer apricots, peaches or plums. However, as mentioned above, the consumption of raw fruits should only be resumed one day after a colonic. A gentle more cooked diet on the day of the colonic is recommended, to avoid gas cramps.

In general however, a cleansing diet will consist of mainly raw vegetables, fruits, and sprouts.

Some people may feel bloated after a few treatments. This may be as a result of old stool and waste matter being re-hydrated. Either quick succession colonics or the addition of an herbal colon cleanse will speed up the process of eliminating this condition.

For temporary relief you can rub some therapeutic grade peppermint oil on your abdomen and feet. Also drinking several cups of a warm tea made of fresh ginger and fennel seeds can be helpful.