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Aids to Cleansing

Skin Brushing - use a dry natural bristle brush with a long handle for back. Dry brush for a quick 2-3 minutes every morning or evening before your shower. Start your shower warm and follow with a cool rinse. This procedure stimulates the lymphatic system to carry toxins from all over the body into the colon, where the colonic will flush it out. Skin brushing also increases blood circulation, removes dead skin, improves muscle tone and complexion. Use long even strokes over your extremities and trunk area in the direction of the abdomen. All the skin of the body needs to be brushed once only to achieve the desired results. It is beneficial to continue daily skin brushing for at least three months.

Salt Glow - eases constipation, swelling, skin conditions, poor circulation, fatigue, stiffness and headaches. Oil a salad bowl like container and fill half way with Epsom salts. Moisten slightly with water until the texture of wet sand. Stand or sit in the bath tub. Rub salt vigorously in circular motion toward the heart. After doing the whole body, repeat, rubbing off the salt from the first application. Shower with warm water, rinse with cool water.

Castor Oil Compress - do for one to three nights before a colonic-it increases circulation to the lower abdominal area and softens hardened material in the colon by penetrating from the outside. Pour castor oil on a flannel cloth with a plastic wrap backing it. Cover with a towel and place on lower abdomen with a hot water bottle or heating pad covering the area for 1-2 hours.

Feet should be elevated 10-12 inches when releasing on the toilet (use a small stepstool).

Practice some form of deep relaxation or meditation-we often hold stress in our bodies that interfere with releasing and eliminating.

Drink your daily requirement of purified and energized water. You calculate the formula as follows :
Measure your body weight in pounds, divide that number by two and you have the amount of ounces of water that will be most beneficial for you to drink on a daily basis. E.g. if you weigh 140lbs., your requirements is 70oz. per day, which equals 81/2 regular 8oz. cups.

Exercise-walk, swim, rebound - do anything fun. We can recommend a personal trainer or exercise classes specifically for your needs.

SMILE and focus on the joys of life.

Educate yourself on colon health. Here are some title of books: