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Diet & Exercise


Lisa GriffithWhen on a detoxification program, it is essential that the diet consist 60-80% of fresh fruit and raw vegetables, as they are the main providers of roughage, nutrients and enzymes.

If you are treating a Candida problem eliminate fruits, fruit juices, and sugar, honey, maple syrup, cheese and diary products. Soy sauce, mushrooms, breads with yeast, baked goods, and peanuts. Avoid caffeine and alcoholic beverages.

Step 1

Foods to avoid include: Refined white flour and sugar, hydrogenated fats, deep fried foods, coffee, carbonated drinks, in other words all junk foods. No dairy products, eggs and meat.

Step 2

Drink plenty of herb tea and water through out the day (8-10 glasses).

Step 3

Set aside time each day for prayer and a brisk walk (at least 1 hour). Prayer helps with the emotional/spiritual aspects of the cleanse as it has effects on the immune system and biological balance.

Walking helps move fluids around the body and aids in the detoxification process.

Several warm baths and dry skin brushing to help release toxins coming through the skin.


ExerciseIn today's society it is most common to find some form of old stagnant material in the colon of almost everyone. This creates excess weight on this particular organ, which over the years through the influence of gravity may start to loose tone. When, through focused colon cleansing, the stagnant material is removed, healthy muscle tone and organ positioning can be regained through exercise.

Here are some simple targeted exercises that only take a few minutes and can be easily incorporated in your daily routine:

Before you get up in the morning, massage your abdomen in a spiral motion clockwise, starting around the navel with circles slowly becoming larger until the whole abdomen is covered, then slowly reduce circles until you reach the initial position.

Shortly upon rising (eg. While you are getting dressed ) , before you have consumed any liquid or food, do the following yoga exercise:

Stand with your legs slightly apart. Bend your knees and your back, putting your hands on your thighs slightly above your knees. Breathe in deeply, then exhale, emptying your lungs completely. While keeping your breath exhaled, pull the stomach in and up briefly and then immediately let go again (in-up-and out). Repeat this until you have the urge to inhale again. Start with one round of this exercise, until you become used to it. Then you can slowly increase the exercise, eventually up to a dozen times. This exercise provides a massage for your internal abdominal organs.

The following exercises are most beneficial when performed on a slant board.

If a slant board is not available, lying on a mat on the floor is still better than not doing the exercises at all.

Hold on to the sides of the board or mat with your hands. Pull legs toward chest, knees bent and hold for 2-3minutes.This allows all the abdominal organs to slide upwards. With your legs up, perform bicycle movements as well as some figure 8's with both feet held together.

While lying straight on your slant board or mat, stretch arms above your head. Repeat 10-15 times.

Whenever time permits, have a nap or simply a resting or relaxation period of a few minutes to an hour lying on your slant board. Even some of your daily activities can be done in this position, such as watching TV! Make your slant board part of your furniture!

After retiring lift the buttocks for 1-2 minutes and massage the abdomen upwards toward your chest. This allows your transverse colon to resume its proper position and eliminates pressure on the lower organs (uterus, prostate, bladder etc.) throughout the night, until you get back into vertical position. When repeated daily, this exercise can be very powerful.

One of your best investments will be a Mini Trampoline. 20-30 rebounds, 1-3 times daily is one of the best recipe's to move bowels regularly.

Take time and chew your food properly!

You should chew each mouthful until liquefied. Improper chewing of food is the primary dietary habit that lowers enzyme levels impairing digestion.

Do not eat animal protein and starches together!

Tradition teaches us to combine animal protein and starches together. This applies only to animal protein, not vegetable protein. Its takes a series of digestive acids to break down starch. When these acids and alkalis are combined they neutralize each other, impairing digestion.

Do not eat fruits and vegetables together!

Fruits are more cleansers while vegetables are builders. This combination does not go well together.

Do not eat sweet and acid fruits together!

These two categories of food repel each other. You may eat sweet and sub-acid fruit though. Always eat melons on their own.

Do not eat any kind of fruit with protein or starches!

Fruit sugars are absorbed quickly into the intestines while protein and starch require longer time for digestion. When these foods are eaten With fruit. The fruit sugars are held back in the stomach, and at 104 degrees you can count on your food rotting. Over time this significantly impairs the digestive process.

Never go to bed with a stomach full of food!

This lowers enzyme levels by overworking the pancreas and weakens digestive processes.

Don't eat and drink together!

Drink 1/4 hour before meals or 1hour after.