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Foot Detox Therapies

img15.jpgFoot detox is based on a traditional Japanese system, in which pads containing Japanese tree sap and other herbs and minerals are stuck onto the soles of the feet and left overnight As the pads warm up the pores of the skin open and toxins and lymphatic fluids are drawn out of the body. The pads also work on reflexology points with the overall aim of cleansing, clearing and balancing the nervous system. This method of detox may last for anything for two days to two weeks depending on the individual case. The pads work best overnight and can help to improve circulation and sleep.

A Foot Spa Detox treatment is based on the same idea. Following an initial health consultation the client puts their feet into a small foot spa filled with water, to which a small quantity of salt is added. When the apparatus is turned on the unit creates an electronic flow through the body. The client sits with their feet immersed in the water for 30 minutes, during which time the water may change colour due to a chemical reaction caused by the electrolysis.

Foot spa detox treatment

The treatment aims to stimulate and balance the bio-energetic fields of the body though the ionic exchange that takes place between your body and the footbath. A healthy body has a negative charge whilst a less healthy body has a more positive charge. The detox foot spa helps to balance your body by increasing its negative charge. The result is that your body can detoxify safely, at its own rate by mobilising residue and waste stored within the body. This detoxification continues after the treatment via the excretory organs - the bowel, kidneys, liver, and skin.

Foot spa detox therapy is a safe form of treatment for people of all ages; however it is not recommended for people with pacemakers, those suffering from epilepsy, haemophiliacs, pregnant ladies or those who have had organ transplants.

Foot Spa Detox can be particularly valuable for people suffering from arthritis & joint pain, circulatory or digestive problems, skin conditions including eczema, menstrual problems, migraines, insomnia, and stress.