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Preparing for Colon Hydrotherapy

"This is much easier than I expected" is the comment I hear after the first colon therapy session.

Some call for an appointment and ask what they can do to prepare.The key thing is to arrive and not put any conditions between yourself and the colonic. Be prepared to receive and to experience.

The major practice before a colonic is to stop hydrating 2 hours before the session and eat light if at all. Your abdomen will be massaged and you will need to urinate less if at all during the session.

Arrive on time or early without a rushed manner. You are treating yourself. You are taking care of yourself. Give yourself the time and space to appreciate the experience. The intestines work best when they are relaxed, when the parasympathetic nervous system is predominant.(Parasympathetics govern life-supporting organs such as the heart,liver, kidneys, intestines, spleen, pancreas and lungs.) Laughing,breathing, exercising, relaxing, listening to soothing music, being ina supportive loving environment all help relax the intestinal nervous system.If that's not your situation, come on in anyway! Our hydrotherapy environment is designed for relaxation and rest.

Some of you are using the colonics to begin to break poor and non-life supportive habits. Good luck. The internal cleansing has more power than you think in reorganizing you! The water goes directly into your core, your large intestines. Some consider the core or intestines to represent the unconscious or subconscious.This is where the seat of all your emotions lie, so the more relaxed you are the more effective the treatment. Some waste may move from the small to large intestine during the process for ultimate elimination.

To prepare for the first session; drink a gallon of fluids daily,making fruits and vegetables 50% of their diet, taking an enema or laxative the day(s) or night(s) before if they are particularly constipated or dehydrated. This is volunteering on your part, it is not required. I explain that it helps facilitate the colonic and allows you to have an easier and deeper cleansing. This is also going to be true of people who return.

I congratulate you for making health and well being a priority. I look forward to meeting you soon. When you schedule the appointment, be aware of questions you might have and bring them with you. Bring information that may complete your health profile and assist my understanding of your situation ie: blood tests, x-rays, scans, written reports. Feel free to bring in your bag of supplements. I can review them with you.

This is not required just a suggestion for those who are interested.

Menstruating women may receive colon hydrotherapy. It is helpful for PMS and does not interfere with the woman's cycle. Women up to their fifth month of pregnancy may receive colon hydrotherapy.