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Colon Hydrotherapy

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According to the Royal Academy of Physicians of Great Britain 90% of all disease and discomfort is directly on indirectly related to an unclean colon. Throughout the years of our life impacted fecal matter forms along the walls of the body's sewer system.

A healthy, strong functioning colon is essential to maintaining good health. Your colon, together with the kidneys, lungs and skin are responsible for eliminating waste from the body. But over time, your colon may lose its ability to properly eliminate all waste from the gastrointestinal tract due to a combination of poor diet, improper food-combining, drug intake, routine dental procedures, and/or lifestyle.

If this happens, the colon may become saturated with harmful toxins. And through a process called 'autointoxication' these toxic substances can be transported into the bloodstream where the lymphatic and circulatory systems, as well as the lungs and kidneys, become overburdened and expose you to serious health risks.

Colon Hydrotherapy can be most beneficial in helping to restore good health by:

  • Clearing the colon of old, hardened, waste material and harmful toxins.
  • Restoring proper pH balance to the body.
  • Stimulating the immune systems.
  • Allowing freer passage of nutrients into the blood.
  • Increasing prevention of toxic absorption via healthy mucosa.
  • Providing a favorable environment for bacteria and microflora for digestion.
  • Strengthening peristaltic (natural muscular contraction) activity in the colon.
  • Promoting a return of normal, regular bowel movements.

People who suffer all manner of health problems may never even consider that the source of their problems is a toxic, sluggish colon. This is not surprising. The traditional treatment of health disorders, disease symptoms and disease management using pharmaceuticals and surgery may completely obscure the root cause of recurring health problems.

Bowel dysfunction may be the root cause of a multitude of chronic health problems, sickness and disease!

Most experts agree if you aren't having at least 2 or 3 bowel movements every day, then by definition, you should consider yourself constipated.

Constipation is a state of the bowel in which evacuations are infrequent and difficult, or where the large intestine becomes lined with impacted, hardened feces, undigested food and waste may remain lodged in the large intestine for days, weeks, or even months to putrefy and generate toxic substances harmful to your health.

Colon Hydrotherapy is a method for cleansing the body of these potentially harmful substances which the colon has not been able to discharge by natural peristalsis. While not a cure for any disease or ailment, it may be considered an important adjunctive therapy to help you rejuvenate and maintain your overall health.

Certainly, constipation is not a natural or healthy condition for the human body. If you think your current health status could be improved by cleansing your colon, then colon hydrotherapy is a proven alternative therapy to assist you in accomplishing this goal.

Other health issues that can be helped through colon hydrotherapy are diarrhea, hemorrhoids, skin problems, mental confusion, lower back pain, sciatic pain, low resistance to colds, low energy, bad breadth, foul body order, allergies, abdominal gas and bloating.

A healthy colon is vital to living a life free of degenerative disease! If optimum health is your goal Colon Hydrotherapy could be most beneficial to you.